QQI Level 5

Wellness is a dynamic growth area that has become part of professional life in all organisations. If you would like to become the person in a company/business who is knowledgeable about the importance of all aspects of health and wellbeing then this is the course for you. We are all becoming aware of the critical importance of our physical and mental health and this course serves to increase awareness of the issues and ways of addressing them. You can learn other skills and knowledge around psychology, exercise & fitness etc., that make you eminently employable or well placed for self employment in this dynamic and exciting new field.


1 year

QQI Level 5 Certificate in Community Health Services 5M4468  QQI Component Maths 5N1433 (available as an option in the evening for learners requiring Maths for progression).

300 including QQI examination fees. (Medical card holders exempt from QQI examination fee of €50) Note: Fees for 2023/24 are being updated.

  • Exercise & Fitness 5N2668: Equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in a variety of forms of physical exercise, to enable the learner to design, implement and evaluate exercise and fitness programmes in a variety of contexts in line with best practice.
  • Anatomy and Physiology 5N0749 – learn the structure of the various systems within the human body e.g. digestive, system, respiratory system, nervous system, skeletal system etc. and how they work.  Develop an understanding of the interrelationships that exit between these systems.
  • Nutrition 5N2006 – Understand the importance of healthy eating and its benefits to good health. Identify components of a healthy diet for all age groups and devise a menu for each. Appreciate the role of food and its significance in the management of various conditions and diseases. Interpret the nutrition labels on a variety of food products in accordance with EU regulations.
  • Work Experience 5N1356:  Equip the learner with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to participate in the workplace for a limited time, carrying out work-related tasks independently while under general direction.
  • Communications 5N0690 – Acquire the writing skills needed for the workplace, learn to speak fluently and coherently in a professional setting, develop interpersonal skills and have an understanding of the impact of ICT on society.
  • Social Studies 5N1370 – Understand your position as an individual, family member and as part of a community and wider society. Examine critically contemporary social issues, learn how some sociological theories can be applied to Irish society, increase your effectiveness in life and work through understanding social issues e.g the impact of discrimination on individuals and groups in society
  • Reflexology 5N5371 – the purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to provide reflexology treatments for the purposes of relaxation and the relief of stress in order to encourage general health and wellbeing, under appropriate supervision.
  • Psychology of People 5N3634 This module equips the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to relate a broad overview of psychological perspectives to personal well-being and to routine social and professional situations. Explore a range of psychological theories including at least two of behaviourism, psychodynamic theory, cognitive and developmental theory and humanism
  • Leaving Certificate, LCA or QQI Level 4.Mature students are exempt from Leaving Certificate requirements. All applicants are interviewed. An offer of a place on this courses is contingent on the applicant meeting the entry requirement set out here and satisfactory presentation at interview.CERFL proficiency at B2 for access to Level 5 courses for those whose first language is not English

Students undertake a block work placement of 2 weeks in a health related environment or in the wellbeing department of a company. Students undertake to prepare, plan and facilitate a professional, dynamic and inclusive wellness programme.

  • Data Protection Workshops
  • First Aid Workshop
  • Manual Handling Training

UCC: Arts (CK101), UCC: Social Science (CK102), UCC: Youth & Community Work (CK114) (Must be over 21 years and one year’s work experience in the area), UCC: Criminology (CK113), UCC: International Food Development & Food Policy (CK214), MTU (Cork): Social Care (CR031) – Maths or Stats required, MTU (Cork) Recreation & Leisure Management (CR032) – Maths or Stats required, MTU (Cork) Community Development (CR035), MTU (Cork) Hospitality Management (CR042) – Maths or Stats required, SETU (Waterford): Psychology (WD163). Special arrangements in place with MTU (CCPS), MTU (Kerry) and SETU (Waterford) for preferential entry for CCOC students. Up to 390 CAO points for any IT can be attained. Go to our progressions database at https://www.corkcollegeofcommerce. ie/progressions/ for exact entry requirements for progressions for this course.

In a health related environment, in the wellness section of a large company or in community organisations, establishing wellness programmes. All students can access the Jobs Advice Hub (see pg.87).

“I had worked in the gardening and landscaping industry in the past but had no formal qualification in the area. The horticulture course in West Cork Campus provided me with the opportunity to secure that qualification as well as work in an area I enjoyed and had some previous knowledge of. I found the course to be very beneficial and as well as improving my practical skills such as pruning and planting, the course opened my eyes to the science behind the work I was involved in. Since completing the horticulture course I am working in Lissard House and gardens in Skibbereen where I use the knowledge I gained on a daily basis.”

Garret O´Driscoll, Horticulture

I completed the QQI level 5 Horticulture course in  2016. I found the course to be well organised, fascinating and fun, giving a good grounding in all areas of horticulture.

I also found it to be an excellent re-introduction to education and the discipline necessary for successful study. It inspired me to go on to further education and I am now studying for a Level 8 Degree in Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology in GMIT, Galway, as a mature student. I would recommend the course to anyone with an interest in horticulture.

Joe Kane, Horticulture